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The ideal amount of support for each type of e-bike. The drive unit provides a unique, powerful ride.


Electric bicycle batteries combine high capacity with low weight, ergonomic design and easy handling.


Connected intelligence on the handlebar. All important data at a glance.


Fully connected and always up to date thanks to regular over-the-air updates.

What is an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles are one of the most sustainable forms of transportation and play a central role in the future of mobility. But what exactly is an e-bike, how is it different from a regular bike, and how can it enrich your life? We show and explain exactly the differences and tell you what makes an e-bike so special

How do e-bikes work?

E-bikes will typically have the motor mounted in the center of the bike (often called a mid-drive motor, powered by the crank) or mounted on the front or rear hub. The hub-based motor will turn the wheel directly, while the shaft-mounted motor will work through the e-bike’s chain and gears. When you pedal, a torque sensor measures how much effort you put in and matches it to the power output of the motor.

Why Choose Us?

Tiwilo was established in 2014, we are one of the earliest electric bicycle manufacturers in China. Tiwilo focuses on the R&D, production, sales and OEM, ODM, CKD & SKD of electric bicycles and electric scooters.
Tiwilo has complete R&D, production, sales and after-sales departments. Tiwilo has 10 designers, 2 warehouses, 50 production lines, 4 QC teams, 20 pre-sales and 2 after-sales sales teams.
Creating value for customers, creating first-class products, first-class service, and first-class quality is the goal we are constantly pursuing!


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