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Compulsory Course of Riding Safety

1、 Key points of downhill riding

Downhill riding is a time when danger is easy to occur, so the first rule of downhill riding is safety first. Bicycle tourism is different from speed oriented bicycle competition, so it is better not to pursue speed too much when going downhill, concentrate, be careful and resourceful, pay close attention to the road ahead, and be ready to deal with any situation on the road decisively at any time. The center of gravity shall be moved backward during downhill, and the steeper the slope, the more backward it is required. Generally, it is not necessary to pedal actively when going downhill. The bicycle can accelerate and slide by gravity, and control the speed by braking with the brake. When turning downhill, you can use your front and rear brakes at the same time to reduce your speed. However, if the front wheel is braked, the reaction speed of the front wheel will be reduced and the turning will not be flexible enough. Therefore, the front brake should be used less and the rear brake should be used more. The way of front wheel inching and rear wheel constant braking can be adopted.

The so-called center of gravity moving backward is to sink your butt as far as possible, which is a bit like riding a bike on the back shelf, but certainly not as deep. The advantage of this is that if the car falls, the car will fly out from the crotch and the person will fall behind. On the contrary, the person will fall in front of the car in most cases. The car is for people. Let it die at this time.

2、 Key points of curve riding

When riding on a curve, keep your body and bike in a straight line and lean inward to overcome centrifugal force. The angle of inclination between the body and the ground depends on the speed and the size of the curve, but generally it should not exceed 28 degrees, otherwise there will be a risk of slipping. Add a little force on the outer leg, and use the inner knee to support the beam. This is a good way to adjust the trajectory. Reduce the pressure to reduce the bending. This turning method can provide a good traction, but it is easy to fall when the speed is too high or the road is slippery, especially when turning downhill.

3、 Key points of braking technology

When braking, use the front and rear brakes at the same time as much as possible. The rear brake can be slightly advanced. When using the front brake, the front wheel should be in the same direction as the car’s forward direction. Otherwise, the rider’s weight and the car’s inertia will be limited, causing a fall. Don’t use the rear brake too hard on the curve, or the car may turn around or slip. Other points to pay attention to: a. Brake ahead of time. Try not to raise the speed too high. If the speed is too high, brake actively, especially when the curve is downhill. This is because if you press the brake hard during a fast turn, you will lose control and have sideslip, so you must reduce your speed before turning. B. Move the center of gravity backward when using the brake. This is because when using the brake, especially the front brake, the center of gravity of the person will move forward due to inertia, which may lead to danger when the situation is serious. Therefore, when starting to brake, consciously move the center of gravity backward. The more the center of gravity moves back, the more braking force you can use. C. Attention shall be paid to braking. It includes two aspects. First, do not over press the brake at any time when you use the brake, because a very sudden deceleration will cause the brake to lock up, and people will rush forward due to inertia, causing danger. In addition, if the bicycle is braked constantly, it will stall. Without speed, it can’t rush over the rocks and obstacles in front of it.

4、 Technical essentials of car falling

When a rider encounters a fall, he or she should be calm and calm, not afraid, not throwing the handle prematurely, and not close his or her eyes. When his or her body is about to land, he or she should quickly pull out his or her feet from the foot cover, pay attention to protecting his or her head, and consciously roll over with his or her shoulder and back to reduce the degree of the fall. In addition, I personally believe that when the speed exceeds 45 per hour, it is the death speed, and when the speed exceeds 40, it is the dangerous speed. Our cycling is for leisure, not for life.

5、 Bicycle Safety Bible

You are always a non motor vehicle, so you should never get excited with a motor vehicle when you ride. The driver behind you is not an omnipotent prophet. It is impossible to know whether you are going to turn left or right or go straight at the intersection, so you’d better give him a hint. Wear a helmet, which is cheaper than your life, and more likely to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The meaning of braking is to control the speed of the car rather than stop it instantaneously. If you want to stop, you must brake early. Your energy comes from the glycogen in your body, which cannot provide power for the active light source in your car. Therefore, the purpose of your headlights is to let others see you rather than let you see others. Are you a high-quality cyclist? If so, please respect all moving things on the road. And keep in mind that in any case, pedestrians and motor vehicles have priority. (The rights of pedestrians are protected by law, while the rights of motor vehicles are only because they are stronger than bicycles.). Family members are very important. For your safety and them, you should tell them where you are going when you go cycling. Sometimes you think the insurance company is cheating, but when you are hospitalized due to a car accident, you will know that if there is an insurance compensation, the damn doctor will look much better. You are a human being, not a solar engine or a perpetual motion machine. Before you go on the road, please ensure that you have enough fuel “carbohydrates”. If you ride a mountain bike, you may ride to some wild places. Although we believe that going to the wild is like going into your own backyard, please take your communication tools with you. This is a material world. A little money can avoid a lot of trouble when riding a bike. Other people’s vehicles may have some problems on the road, so you can’t be the same as them. When you can’t see others, they may be behind you.

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